Process Improvement

Business Process Mapping

Lumina IT has developed a unique methodology of process mapping that has been used successfully both in the private and public sectors.  Our process mapping methodology is applicable to all projects regardless of size, length, and type of service.  Lumina IT’s process mapping methodology is based on using industry best practices with its foundation rooted in six sigma principles designed to increase productivity and improve operational effectiveness.

Process mapping is an effective tool to ensure a consistent application of policies and procedures and to assist new staff in identifying and understanding their roles and responsibilities.  The value of our process mapping is that it is systematic and comprehensive.

Lumina IT believes that process mapping is best done in small teams and is an important focal point for employee involvement.  The act of defining each unit operation of a given process gives a much deeper understanding of the process to team members, often leading to ideas for immediate operational improvements as well as genuine buy-in and team building.

The following four steps are applied when using Lumina IT’s process mapping methodology.

  • Step 1: Understanding the basic process mapping tool
  • Step 2: Creating a process map
  • Step 3: Identifying the processes within the set boundaries
  • Step 4: Compiling the results


Process Improvement and Innovation

Lumina IT aims to work with business owners to develop the current processes in place into effective processes and procedures to actively support corporate policies increasing organizational performance, creating effective tools for decision-making, and strengthening results-based management.

We work to help identify gaps and issues using lean principles to prioritize change required and derive a new, improved process.

Process Analysis Training

In some organizations there is a strong need to train and change peoples approach to manage and make process improvement an integral part of the corporate culture. With this in mind, we offer process development training that enables individuals within organizations to gradually become process champions and experts. This goes a long way in developing a work environment where processes are continuously being improved and result in a culture where there is an increase in organizational performance. The improved process becomes an effective tool for decision making and strengthens result based management.

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